50 Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Visiting Teaching Gift Ideas

1.  Soup or soup mix:  Wishing you a "Souper" Day!  
2.  Popcorn balls, caramel corn or popcorn:  "Hoping you have a ball this month! Or "Just popping by to say Hi!"  
3.  Loaf of bread:  "No matter how you slice it, you are terrific and we love you."  
4.  Root beer:  "We're rooting for you to get well soon!"  
5.  Jar of jelly:  "Jelly is like love ... You can't spread it around without getting some on yourself!"  OR "Have a berry nice day!"
6.  Treasure chocolate candies:  "We treasure your friendship!"
7.  Cleaners:  "You add sparkle and make our life brighter."
8.  Nuts:  "We're nuts about you!"
9.  Lifesavers:  "You've been a life saver!"
10.  Measuring cup filled w/ treats:  "Wishing you a happy birthday beyond measure!"
11.  Bananas:  "If we could choose our friends, and we searched the whole world through, we'd go bananas trying to find anyone better than you."
12.  Flower:  "If friends were flowers, we'd pick you," OR "You make friendship bloom all year round."
13.  Hershey's Hugs:  "A friend always knows when you need a hug."
14.  Music CD:  "May the cheerful sounds of music put a spring to your step."
15.  Salsa:  "Add a little spice to your day."
16.  Calendar:  "Thinking of you the whole year through."
17.  Shaped sugar cookies:  "Rolling out a batch really sweet, for someone we think is very neat."
18.  Warm casserole or bread:  "Bundled up with warm wishes."
19.  Seasoning mix:  Just sending a little spice to liven up your day."
20.  Hershey's Hugs and Kisses:  "Hugs and kisses to you."
21.  Apple pie or apple crisp:  "Wishing you a scrumptious day."
22.  Any sweet treat:  "Wishing you a day of sweetness."
23.  Oranges:  "Orange you glad we're friends?  We sure are!"
24.  Mints:  "Friends like you are worth a mint"
25.  Strainer:  "We couldn't restrain ourselves from letting you know that we love you."
26.  Bubble gum or bath:  "May your day bubble over with fun."
27.  Pencil and notepad:  "Thinking of you, from our pad to yours." OR "Hello to a noteworthy friend."
28.  Grater and cheese:  "To a grate friend."
29.  Bear shape honey:  "Have a bear sweet day."
30.  Chocolate milk:  "Have an udderly moooovalous day."
31.  Shaped pasta and sauce:  "Have a pasta-ively wonderful day."
32.  Cookie Dough:  "Everyone needs extra dough now and then!"
33.  Homemade frozen rolls:  "Here's a littly yummy treat.  Rise and bake, it can't be beat!  Warm fresh rolls just for you.  Top with butter that's all you do!  Now you know we're thinking of you!"
34.  Brownie Mix (or any mix):  "Whip up this mix for an emergency sugar fix!"  (Be sure to attach the recipe.)
35.  Pie:  "We just stopped by for a little Hi and to leave with you a tasty pie."
36.  Toffee or Brittle:  "Any way you break it, we think you're the greatest."
37.  Fudge:  "Fudge a little on the calories and enjoy a little treat."
38.  Banana bread:  "Banana bread just for you, because you have so much to do ... we also love you a whole bunch too."
39.  Cinnamon rolls:  "Here's a sweet treat "rolled" up with our love."
40.  Homemade treat:  "You're so sweet ... having you as a friend is quite a treat."
41.  Cake:  "You take the cake, we think you're first rate."
42.  Cornbread or mix:  "We're not trying to be corny we just want you to have a great day."
43.  Carrot cake:  "We really carrot a lot about you."
44.  Homemade ice cream or a frozen treat:  "Here's the scoop ... Hoping your day is a blizzard of fun!"
45.  Recipe:  "Just like you friend, this recipe is tried and true, just for you.  Happy cooking."
46.  Pizza:  "Hope your weekend has a touch of pizza--z."
47.  Candle:  "You light up my life ... thanks for your friendship."
48.  Plant:  "The kindness you show makes our friendship grow."
49.  Soda pop:  "I'd soda like to let you know, I love you."
50.  Donuts:  "Donut you know we love you?"